An odor or odour is caused by one or more volatilized chemical compounds that are generally found in low concentrations that humans and animals can perceive by their sense of smell. An odor is also called a “smell” or a “scent”, which can refer to either a pleasant or an unpleasant odor. Wikipedia

 Household odors

Household odors can come from all sorts of places around the home. Some of the most common are mildew from damp laundry, garbage disposals or trash cans that haven’t been cleaned or deodorized, or lingering smells from cooking. Unbathed pets and their bedding and litter may also be another source.

 This is by no means a comprehensive list of possibly putrid places in your home, but it’s a start. So now that we know where to look, how do we eliminate the odor? Let’s talk about that next.

Get Rid Of The Odor

You could light a candle, open a window or even spray down the affected areas, but at the end of the day, you’re covering the odor, not getting rid of it.

Treat the cause, not the symptoms. One common mistake many people make is masking the odor. A candle or room spray may smell nice but won’t prevent the smell from returning.

Instead of suggesting temporary fixes, we’ve broken down the common odors you may be experiencing in your home, along with ways to eliminate them.


  When you’re cooking a particularly pungent meal, like fish, combat the odor before it even has a chance to settle by using two different kinds of vinegar.

Before cooking, place a few bowls of regular vinegar around the kitchen. The vinegar will help prevent stenches from lingering after cooking. You can also simmer distilled white vinegar on your stovetop after your meal for the same effect.

Trash Can

Baking soda also has your back when it comes to odors. If your trash can is giving you grief, give it a good wash and wipe down, replace the bag with a fresh new bag and sprinkle baking soda inside of it. The baking soda will act as a neutralizer and prevent stinks in your kitchen. Try this in your bathroom trash can as well.


Other than the obvious odors that might be coming from your bathroom toilet, shower and tub, make sure that every time you take a hot shower you leave your bathroom door open to allow proper ventilation into the room. Lack of ventilation can cause condensation buildup, leaving water on your walls and floors that could cause a mildew odor.

More important than getting rid of the odor is eliminating the chance of the odor coming back. While you can never fully prevent stinks and smells from entering your home, create a regular cleaning routine and sticking with it.

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