Must Have Cleaning Products For Home Or Office

As a small business owner, the well-being and safety of your clients, as well as the employees through a clean and healthy work environment should be given top priority. A clean work environment will not only keep you workers happier, healthier, and more creative but will also reduce the spread of germs and limit worker’s absence due to illness. Consequently, this will influence the overall output of the business in a good way and make both your clients and employees feel safe. 

If you are into small business, then you should invest in commercial-grade cleaning supplies for the offices and work environments as this will not only be beneficial to your employees but also your customers. 


A well-recognized primary mode of transmission of most diseases that are highly infectious is our hands. And for so many work environments with shared break rooms, bathrooms, cafeterias, as well as close workspaces, employees are at higher risk of getting and transmitting germs and dangerous infections from different surfaces through touches.

Consequently, an infection outbreak amongst workers can lead to unplanned absenteeism, and this will negatively affect the overall productivity and profitability of such business in a long run.

It is therefore pertinent that employers address and eliminate illness-related absences from their small businesses by helping their employees maintain a good hygiene in the work environment through the provision of infection control hand sanitizers.

Having Purell Hand Sanitizers around and available to your employees in the work environment will provide a measure of defense against infectious germs that can lead to the absence of workers due to illness. And overall, you will be able to maintain the desired productivity level for your small business.


According to infection control practitioners, there is quite a huge difference between “clean” and “disinfect”. An understanding of the true meaning of these terms is as good as being able to tell the difference between life and death. In healthcare, a facility may look “clean” but may not be safe and disinfected. If it is disinfected, however, it’ll be clean and safe as well.

A good practice for the prevention of the spread of diseases amongst employees, however, is to disinfect non-porous surfaces in the work environment on a quarterly basis. Non-porous facilities in the work environment include plastic surfaces, glazed porcelain, walls, floors etc. and the healthiest treatment for them is disinfection.

Lysol Disinfectant Cleaner is a hospital-grade product and a neutral pH germicide which is capable of controlling massive outbreaks of bacterial infection and disease-causing viruses that can be found on non-porous surfaces. This disinfectant can get rid of all dirt including grime, dust, fungus, mold, organic matter, mildew, water-based soil bacteria, viruses, etc. and it complies with California’s Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) limits.

Lysol Disinfectant Cleaner is a highly concentrated and economical liquid formula that works like a charm against these harmful micro-organisms. A bottle of this product can be diluted to produce up to 256 gallons of the disinfecting solution without a reduction in its quality or power. The disinfectant also has a good scent that will leave the environment smelling nice after use.

If you are really concerned about preventing the spread of diseases at work through non-porous surfaces, Lysol Disinfectant Cleaner is well up to the task!


 If you run an animal-based business, you will agree that once pathogens and odor-causing bacteria find their way into your facility, they get trapped with no way out. At other times when animals die and are not noticed on time, they tend to swell and burst, leaving the whole area with a very irritating odor.

Masking the odor with air fresheners in any of the above situations won’t help and will only make the smell worse as they can react with each other to generate even more harmful and irritable chemicals.

If you need a lasting an effective solution that can totally eradicate unpleasant odor including dog smells or pet urine on carpets, one of the commercial cleaning supplies that you should have around is OdoBan.

With OdoBan you can sanitize, disinfect and keep the environment of your animal-based businesses clean all the time. OdoBan is also capable of eliminating offensive odors from fabric materials and other hard, non-porous surfaces at your workplace or in your home.

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