Move In/Move Out Cleaning Service Of Philadelphia   215-303-0622

Whole House Cleaning Service


• Countertops and
Backsplash Cleaned

• Sinks Scrubbed

and Disinfected

• Floor Vacuumed

and Mopped

• Outer Surface of

Appliances Wiped

• Inside of microwave cleaned

• Window Sills Cleaned

• Trash emptied

• Shelves dusted

• Wash or Dust Table and Chairs

• Clean Switchplates

• Remove cobwebs


• Sink Cleaned Disinfected

• Tub/Shower Tiles


• Chrome Fixtures


• Toilet Cleaned

and Disinfected

• Countertop Items


• Mirrors Cleaned

• Window Sills Cleaned

• Vacuum/Mop Floor

• Clean Switchplates

• Remove Cobwebs


• All Areas Dusted

• Hardwood and/or

Tile Floors Mopped

• Carpet Vacuumed

• Cobwebs Removed

• Window Sills Cleaned

• Clean Switch Plates

• Glass Tables Cleaned

• Picture Frames Dusted

• Lamp Shades Dusted

• Remove Cobwebs


Apartment Cleaning Service


Think of the time you’ll save when you can call Phoenix 21 Cleaning Service of Philadelphia(215) 303-0622 — for all your apartment move in / move out cleaning needs. No longer will you have to waste time in search of a reliable cleaning service.

Dear tenants: If you need to get your deposit back when moving out from a rental property, or simply need a move-out cleaning, we can help. Get your FREE quote today!

Dear owners and property managers: We understand the complexity of getting rental properties ready for the new tenants and it’s our primary goal to deliver quality, efficient, and reliable services that you may depend on at any time! Furthermore, we offer discounted rates to insure cost-efficient turnover process that you will be able to extend to all your customers and property owners.

Management Turnovers



Call 215-303-0622 now and learn more about our comprehensive,quick-response services for apartment communities in Philadelphia. We look forward to being your one source for all your apartment cleaning needs.

Phoenix 21 Cleaning Service of Philadelphia professional crew will clean and sanitize your entire unit. We uses only environmentally friendly chemicals to disinfect your unit and give it the quality of cleanliness your new residents expect upon moving into their new home. You can trust our team to take the time to properly and thoroughly clean your unit. Our complete workflow process ensures teams do not miss the details (ceiling fan blades, light fixtures/bulbs, baseboards, vents, etc.).

Commercial Cleaning Service

Office & Industrial
  • Restroom cleaning and disinfecting
  • Trash collection
  • Sweeping and mopping of floors
  • Floor maintenance services available upon request
  • Clean reception area and foyer
  • Stairway and elevator cleaning
  • Kitchen and lounge area cleaning
  • Cleaning of light fixtures, ceiling fans, and baseboards
  • Vacuuming
  • Inside glass and window cleaning
  • Cubicle and office cleaning


Total Kitchen Cleaning

Getting ready for a Board of Health or State Inspection? Maybe you’re having some construction being done in your kitchen? Call on us to come into your facility sanitize all food contact surfaces and clean all those hard to reach spots.