Touchpoint Disinfection: What You Need To Know

Did you know that a single doorknob can infect half of an office in only 2-3 hours? Have you heard that 30% of employees have witnessed their co-workers leave the restroom without washing their hands?  Disinfecting can help reduce the spread of infection. Essentially, there are five things you need to know about proper disinfection,… Read more »

7 Steps to Keeping Your School Facilities Clean

As schools across the country begin the process of opening back up again, it’s safe to say that anxiety levels are high. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has represented an enormous challenge for all of us, but that’s especially true as someone who is tasked with offering the safest facilities possible for so many students and… Read more »

Disinfecting Your Daycare Center

Daycare centers that remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic should address these additional considerations:  Implement social distancing strategies Intensify cleaning and disinfection efforts Modify drop off and pick up procedures Implement screening procedures up arrival Maintain an adequate ratio of staff to children to ensure safety. Plan ahead and recruit those with child care experience to ensure you… Read more »

How to Clean Laminate Floors

Laminate floors may mimic other materials in appearance, but to get them really clean you can’t just treat them like other flooring as they need special care to keep them looking their best.    Establish Weekly Cleaning Habits  Sweep regularly with a soft-bristle broom to collect pet hair and dust. An angled broom will be more… Read more »

How can cleaning supplies, household products affect health?

Many cleaning supplies or household products can irritate the eyes or throat, or cause headaches and other health problems, including cancer. Some products release dangerous chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Other harmful ingredients include ammonia and bleach. Even natural fragrances such as citrus can react to produce dangerous pollutants indoors. VOCs and other chemicals released… Read more »

The Best Microfiber Cloths for Cleaning

For a gentle yet powerful cleaner with dirt and germ-fighting abilities—you can’t go wrong with the right microfiber cloth. With cleaning an ever-pressing priority for us all, how can we better protect ourselves from germs, pollen, dander, dirt and dust? Microfiber cloths may be the answer. These super-soft cleaning cloths are woven from microscopic fibers… Read more »

How to Clean and Maintain Your Respirator

Here’s how to best care for your full and half face respirators:  1. Inspect your Respirator Regularly There’s no point in cleaning your respirator if it’s cracked or otherwise defective. Take the time to inspect your respirator before each use to make sure it’s in good operating condition. Carefully look over the facepiece for cracks,… Read more »