ATP Testing- A Proven Method To Measure Cleanliness

How do you know the company that is supposed to be completing your coronavirus disinfecting is completing the task? ATP testing offered by Phoenix 21 Cleaning Service of Philadelphia give you a piece of mind knowing that it is completed correctly. This measures residual organic matter that may remain after a surface, device or piece of equipment is cleaned. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is an enzyme that is present in all organic matter—living and once-living—including blood, saliva and bacteria. Essentially, the person conducting ATP monitoring swabs the surface to be tested and inserts that swab into a handheld unit.

ATP cleaning verification system allow users to simply swab any surface and drop the swab into a handheld detection unit (luminometer) that immediately measures the results, and report and analyze the data through a specialized software system.

ATP Detection Systems enables organizations to:

  • Instantly assess the cleanliness of production surfaces, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken.
  • Record and track test results to identify problem areas, make improvements and show due diligence and compliance with HACCP, Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) and industry regulations.
  • Optimize the use of sanitation chemicals.

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