Mattress Cleaning In Philadelphia PA

I Got My Mattress Cleaned, and You’d Never Believe What I Found…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the last few weeks, you would have seen the article that went viral on social media talking about the millions of dust mites and germs that live in our mattresses. Apparently, those of us who have a habit of making our beds every day before heading off to work create the perfect warm conditions to let dust mites thrive in our mattresses. Dust mites have been linked to illnesses such as asthma, hay fever and the flu. What made the article especially disconcerting for me was that I read it while lying down in bed right before falling asleep. As you can imagine, it took me a little bit longer to fall asleep that night.

The next morning, I frantically searched online for mattress cleaning companies in Philadelphia. Phoenix 21 Cleaning Service of Philadelphia stood out in the crowd.   I booked their standard mattress deep cleaning and sanitation treatment service for the following Saturday.

Now that I’ve gone through the treatment, I would highly recommend it to anyone. You will be really surprised by the amount of dust and impurities that gets sucked up by that machine on top of the direct health benefits you will feel post dust mite extraction (reduction of symptoms of asthma, allergy, eczema, fatigue, etc.). Phoenix 21 Cleaning Service of Philadelphia recommends you get your mattress cleaned every 6 months, and I’m definitely signing up for that.




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