How to Help Veterans During the Holidays

Over the holidays and during the Christmas season, there are various ways to help our veterans through what may be challenging times, and assist those veterans who may not have family to be with with during the holiday season.  You can help veterans who serve, honor, and protect by volunteering your time, donating items, or simply by making a cash contribution to worthy cause.  Here are some of the many ways you can reach out and make a difference in the life of a veteran this holiday season.

Call a local USO branch or area Armed Services Recruiter. They may have a local donation program list available.

Help a specific groups of veterans such as disabled or injured veterans, homeless veterans or veterans in need of employment.

Contact a local Veterans Association residential home or hospital. Often times there are multiple older vets who either are hospitalized or in residence, without family or friends around to keep them company within the holidays. Most of these centers plan fundraisers where you can further help. Contact them and check how you can best provide your service and time.

Reach out to local military hospitals where disabled vets are in recovery. Typically there are pre-determined donation lists consisting of typical things which service members may need to aid in their recovery such as blankets, gloves, DVD’s, cookies and home baked goods, socks, and much more.

Knit a vet or servicemember a lap blanket or quilt for usage at a convalescent home.

Donate your used car.

Pick up the phone and call a local Veterans organization such as the American Legion, and ask how you can help out this holiday season. Even organizations that aren’t specifically designed to help veterans do a lot for them like the Elks Lodge.

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