Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

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Cigarette Odor Removal from Cars

Want to buy or sell a car, but the intense smell of smoke is deterring you? We can help!

Smoking is a habit that millions of people are affected by in the United States. But when a smoker wants to sell their car, they are quite aware that the cigarette odor that lingers will reduce the value of a car by thousands of dollars. So how do you remove smoke odor from a car? It isn’t as hard as you think, but you probably won’t want to spend the thousands of dollars buying the equipment needed to rid the offensive smoke odor.

At Phoenix 21 Cleaning Service of Philadelphia we have mastered smoke odor through a process of actually destroying the odor molecules that can absorb into every surface of a vehicle. The process we use to remove the cigarette odor is the same method of removing smoke odor from a home after a fire. The use of commercial grade ozone machines and fogging solutions, doesn’t just mask the odor to change what you smell, it actually oxidizes the odor and breaks down the molecules into simple carbon dioxide and humidified air.

There are several factors that can determine the final amount like severity of odor, type of upholstery and number of treatments needed to treat the odor. Call today to schedule a free estimate at 215-303-0622.

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