Your furniture could be as good as new if you just had it regularly cleaned!

You should know by now that regular cleaning of your carpeting, area rugs, tile, and grout is one great way to keep your floors looking fantastic and maintain the value of your house. There’s something else you can do to keep your home interior looking terrific – and that’s having your upholstery cleaned regularly by the same people who do your carpets: “Phoenix 21 Cleaning Service of Philadelphia”!

You may have a complete living room suite that includes a sofa, love seat, and additional armchairs. You could also have some dining room or kitchen chairs with padded seats. A chaise lounge might be set up in the library or study – and don’t forget the accent chair in the bedroom!

All of these upholstered pieces are items that need to be cleaned on a regular basis, to cut down on dirt and grime and remove allergens like dust mites and pet dander. However, far too many people see their upholstered furniture get dingy looking and replace it or cover it with unsightly, ill-fitting covers. Your furniture could be as good as new if you just had it regularly cleaned!

It’s generally best to have your upholstery cleaned at least once per year. If there are no children or pets in the house, that could be adequate. However, if you have a lot of traffic, cats or dogs, sweaty kids in and out, etc – then your upholstery could be getting dirty quickly and need more frequent cleaning – up to three or four times a year.

How do you tell if your couch upholstery is dirty? There’s a simple test – take a clean, white cotton towel and rub it over the back and arms of your sofa. If it comes away gray and smudged, your upholstery needs a good cleaning!

You can also test for slightly harder to see pet dander and dust using a little trick with a black piece of fabric and a vacuum cleaner hose. Just rubber band the fabric over the end of the hose, and run the hose across all surfaces of the couch or chair. If white debris collects on the fabric, you know your upholstery needs to be cleaned. If you are a loved one are suffering from allergies, this could be the culprit!

Our technicians can thoroughly deep clean the upholstery on all of your furniture, leaving it looking like new, smelling fresh and clean.

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