Commercial Cleaning In Philadelphia


Our Standards Exceed Our Clients Expectations 

We Clean Office Buildings, Schools, Airports, Malls, Medical Facilities, Research Labs & More From ownership to managers to day-to-day cleaning staff, our clients will experience motivated, friendly people who want to do a great job at making your workplace, school, medical facility or exterior the best it can be.

Competent Management

Management sets the standard for quality and ensures that the caliber of work never waivers; establishes a strong transitional team to open the account; installs solid support staff to work for you through our on-site manager; creates a caring corporate structure to recognize and solve problems so that your facility is maintained to the highest standards of excellence.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing involves finding innovative methods of reducing costs without being a detriment to service; demands we remain at the forefront of change, receptive to installing new technologies that will improve performance and lower costs; calls for optimizing the efforts of our service personnel to eliminate wasted or misdirected energy; requires management to look critically at every aspect of our relationship to analyze effective cost cutting procedures.

Phoenix 21 Cleaning Service of Philadelphia


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